A Cornish Cottage

31497-highres It feels as though this year has only just begun, and yet Easter is next week. Spring seems to be doing a cheeky two-step with us all. Every so often it pokes its little head out and we’re rewarded with a glorious day of sunshine. Blossoms and daffodils abound and lunch can be enjoyed in the garden. Then, just when we’re getting comfortable, it sneaks back inside and shuts the door grumpily.

On the gloomy March days I find myself dreaming of endless sunshine and summer holidays. We’ve recently adopted a naughty black Labrador puppy, which means that, luckily for our bank accounts, the Maldives are out the question this year. We must search for something a little closer to home. This adorable Cornish cottage in the timeworn village of Mousehole has completely captured my imagination. In fact it’s probably my favourite post so far.

I can see myself snuggled into the window seat reading a Winston Graham novel, or enjoying lazy lunches involving unseemly amounts of Cornish Yarg and white wine, all while gazing out at the picture perfect fishing port. With a calming colour palette and scrubbed wooden furniture, the relaxed interiors are a mixture of Scandinavian and beach vibes. I particularly love the wooden farm table positioned with optimal views of the sea.

Sadly we have a tiny problem. Only well-behaved dogs are allowed, which means we have some work to do!

Let me know what you think about this charming cottage and whether this is the kind of home you’d like to see more of on Foxtail and Finch.

More information about renting the cottage is available on the Unique Homes Stays website.

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All photos shared with kind permission from Unique Home Stays (www.uniquehomestays.com +44(0) 1637 881183).


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