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A Cornish Cottage

31497-highres It feels as though this year has only just begun, and yet Easter is next week. Spring seems to be doing a cheeky two-step with us all. Every so often it pokes its little head out and we’re rewarded with a glorious day of sunshine. Blossoms and daffodils abound and lunch can be enjoyed in the garden. Then, just when we’re getting comfortable, it sneaks back inside and shuts the door grumpily. Continue Reading

Imperfect Interiors

Nene home43613 v1 Over the last few weeks I’ve featured an array of homes and designers from all over the world. Today I’m bringing it back home with East Dulwich based designer Beth Dadswell of Imperfect Interiors. She’s been renovating and redesigning properties in London for the last decade and relishes the opportunity of turning an uninspiring and badly designed room into a light-filled, calm space. She skilfully mixes mid-century furniture with traditional pieces, and the inexpensive with the unusual. Having previously worked as a stylist for fashion and interior shoots, she has an acute attention to detail and an eye for colour. Continue Reading

The Beach Hut

51999-highres Cold and gloomy March mornings are for planning summer holidays and at last I’ve found this year’s destination. This charming beach hut sits on the rugged Cornish coast in Widemouth Bay. Built in the 1920s as a genteel tearoom, it was converted into an adorable one bedroom cottage a few years ago. Its secluded location on a 52 acre coastal estate make it the perfect hideaway for writers, artists and lovers.  Continue Reading


Pampa 38

I recently read a fantastic article by Paola Bjaringer on Rachel Khoo’s Khoolect, a blog I follow with devoted fanaticism. Paola suggests that you “should think of your home as a museum” and each object should have its own role and story. I couldn’t agree more. I find myself increasingly drawn to products and businesses with rousing back stories, which is why Pampa immediately tugged at my heartstrings. Continue Reading

The Estate Trentham

The-Estate-web-shot16 The Estate Trentham is the kind of place my dreams are made of. Australian designer, Lynda Gardener, has stamped her own special brand of charm on this 1904 Federation cottage. The good news for all of us is that Lynda runs it as a super stylish holiday let. Set in the small town of Trentham, only an hour from Melbourne, it’s the perfect weekend retreat for city dwellers. Due to its immense popularity one needs to book pretty far in advance! Continue Reading

A Contemporary Johannesburg Home

Daffonchio Architects

Enrico Daffonchio has cemented himself as one of South Africa’s foremost architects. He is most famous for his innovative hybrid-architecture in the Maboneng Precinct in collaboration with pioneer property developer, Jonathan Liebmann. However, Daffonchio is making waves in South African residential design as well. He draws much of his inspiration from his formative years in northern Italy, where classical architecture coexists with Italian rationalism. In his work one can see a skilful synchronisation of traditional aspects and innovative design. Continue Reading