Chez Marie Sixtine

Chez 10 Welcome to the dreamy Chez Marie Sixtine. A stylish apartment located above the flagship store of ultra-chic French fashion label Marie Sixtine. No one lives here, but it’s exclusively available to special guests for one night stays, meetings, workshops and even yoga classes.

This sophisticated space is the collaborative work of artistic director, Sandrine Place, and interior designer Baptiste Legué. It’s a skilful mix of Scandinavian furniture, vintage pieces and delicate materials. I love the shades of grey and muted tones creating depth and dimension. Every vignette is perfectly styled with unique decorative accessories, like the one of a kind trompe l’oeil carpet and luxurious mohair blankets. I’m particularly enamoured by the pastel pompom covered wall!

The overall result is a glamourous home designed for the “Marie Sixtine woman” and showcasing the brand’s distinctive style.

Chez 36

Chez 44

Chez 20

Chez 4

Chez 21

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Chez 2

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Chez 31

All photographs by Julie Ansiau and shared with kind permission from Marie Sixtine.

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