A Contemporary Johannesburg Home

Daffonchio Architects

Enrico Daffonchio has cemented himself as one of South Africa’s foremost architects. He is most famous for his innovative hybrid-architecture in the Maboneng Precinct in collaboration with pioneer property developer, Jonathan Liebmann. However, Daffonchio is making waves in South African residential design as well. He draws much of his inspiration from his formative years in northern Italy, where classical architecture coexists with Italian rationalism. In his work one can see a skilful synchronisation of traditional aspects and innovative design.

In this contemporary Johannesburg home, Daffonchio and his team have showcased an incredible understanding of space, light and colour; as well as an ability to work closely with the natural environment. The generous internal volumes are accentuated by floor to ceiling glass windows, drawing the eye beyond the confines of the walls and making the interior feel part of the landscape. Natural materials, like wire brushed oak, create warm and comforting tones; while the exposed concrete and flamed granite floor tiles add utilitarian elements to the home.

Daffonchio designed the space to be as flexible as possible and to work with the owner’s changing needs. The use of both sliding glass doors and timber shutters, allow the inhabitants to constantly transform the look and feel of the space, adapting to different times of day and the changing seasons. Despite being in a busy city, the minimalistic and contemporary scheme creates a sense of tranquillity. The simple landscaped garden and clean colour palette offer an escape from the bustle beyond its walls.

All photos shared with kind permission from Daffonchio and Associates Architects


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All photos shared with kind permission from Daffonchio and Associates Architects.

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