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I recently read a fantastic article by Paola Bjaringer on Rachel Khoo’s Khoolect, a blog I follow with devoted fanaticism. Paola suggests that you “should think of your home as a museum” and each object should have its own role and story. I couldn’t agree more. I find myself increasingly drawn to products and businesses with rousing back stories, which is why Pampa immediately tugged at my heartstrings.

Australian born Carl Wilson was surfing his way up the Chilean coast, when he met the talented and beautiful Victoria Aguirre. She was on a photography expedition for a local magazine, and they instantly connected over a shared passion for travel and visual storytelling. Fast-forward to 2016 and the couple are happily based in the Byron Bay hinterland, running successful home-ware brand: Pampa.

Victoria spent much of her childhood riding horses on her grandparents’ farm in Argentina’s La Pampa province. This beautiful area is inspiration for their brand, and is where they source the majority of their products. Pampa explores some of Argentina’s most remote indigenous communities. They’ve built relationships with local artisans, allowing them to curate the finest collections of rugs, cushions and baskets, all hand-woven using traditional Argentinian materials.

Both Carl and Victoria are gifted photographers and they document their travels through Argentina, showcasing the dramatic landscapes and the artisan communities they work with. It was their vibrant photography and talent for visual storytelling that first caught my attention, and made me fall in love with their philosophy and what they do.

Each Pampa collection has a deeply rooted sense of place and is inspired by the connection the weavers have with nature. Pampa believes in a world of ethically made and fairly traded products, which is why they deal directly with their artisans. Paying a fair price for their rugs helps guarantee that weavers receive the working wages they deserve.

Pampa’s beautiful products and photography prints are available from their online store.

All photos shared with kind permission from Pampa.

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