The River Ranch

Snug I love the understated charm of this River Ranch designed by Texas based architects Hugh Jefferson Randolph. The neutral colour palette is brought alive with orangey-red accents throughout. While the scheme is effortlessly stylish, there is incredible attention to detail, from the encaustic tiles in the kitchen to the cowboy boots that sneak their way into a few of the photos. Mexican patterns and prints create a rustic laid back vibe and compliment the rural setting. Contemporary furniture is skilfully mixed with traditional pieces and the use of stone and wood add a sense of longevity. My most favourite is the bathroom, with a floor to ceiling window immersing the interior with the breathtaking landscape beyond. Now this is a bathtub I would happily spend some serious time in!

All photos by Jacob Bodkin and shared with kind permission from Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Bathroom 2 Kitchen2 Kitchen Kitchen2 Living 1 Living 1 Snug Hallway 2 Bedroom 1 Hall way Bathroom 1 Exterior 7 Exterior 7 Exterior 8 Porch Stable door Exterior 1 Exterior 6 Garden 1 Exterior 8 Exterior 9



Foxtail + Finch

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